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Server to Server Authentication in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Dynamics 2016 update for Dynamics 365 Online brought along with the possibility of Server to Server Authentication for both Single-Tenant and Multi-Tenant scenario.

Using Newsletters in D365

Marketing, in some way or the other, happens to be the soul mantra for survival for any business. Simply launching a business doesn’t necessarily mean, it’s doing great. You have to plan a grand advertisement too which can make your business reach out to other corners of the world, including people whom you don’t even know or haven’t ever contacted directly or indirectly.

15 Popular Software as a Service Examples in 2017

There are other a number of examples existing in the mainstream businesses and industries where SaaS platform is gaining ground as leading cloud service. However, selecting right SaaS platform for your custom needs is daunting and requires some assistance from the cloud experts.

The 10 Eclipse Java Plug-Ins You Cannot Do Without

Eclipse is the most widely used integrated development environment for Java. Used to develop the Java applications, Eclipse is also often used to develop applications. Its extensive plug-ins gives it the flexibility to be customised. This open-source software remains popular since it came out.

Updates on the New Tools for Visual Studio

The Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 released on March 7 at a 2-day event. Visual Studio 2017 has been applauded for its performance and also updates on the programming language compatibilities.

Know How to Use Big Data to Leverage Social Media Analytics

Companies are making use of these mediums to its fullest by advertising their products, connecting with customers, resolving their concerns, and almost everything that is possible.

Business and Cultural Transformation with the API Economy

Application programming interface (API) at first seems to be just limited to snippets and codes that are used by developers to make Software but there is a lot more to how it has come to affect businesses.

MBuild Alpha Release .Net Core Tools in Visual Studio 2017

If you are looking for latest news about Visual Studio 2017, custom asp.net development services provider brings this post. This article explains the new release of .net core tools that are based on MSBuild.

Hiring of Java Developers Has Become Ultimate Job For Companies

However, it is important for developers to keep polishing their skills to stay in marketplace. Keyboards for programming remain one of the best ways to enhance efficiency of programmers.

Things That Help MS CRM Developers in Custom Best Practices

It is important to stay focus to save server space. Developers may use entity available to them and add custom attributes to achieve a specific task. Developer should rename the available entity to make the entities more meaningful.

Revolutionizing Business Out Comes By Rendering Diligent Java Solutions

Java development, one of the revolutionizing technologies has brought all the java developers onto one platform on which they can swear by and aim high. Here are some of the advantages offered by service companies to the clients through the java development solutions package:

Which Tools Are Used By Hadoop Development Company To Handle Extreme Level Chores

Here are The Tools, Used By Hadoop Development Companies to Manage External Level Chores. Written By Aegis Infoways... Read More

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