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15 Popular Software as a Service (SaaS) Examples in 2017

With the advent of technologies, we have placed steps in Cloud Computing technologies and begun a new era, Cloud era.

First Benefit:

Cloud offers the biggest advantage in the modern era, which is mobility, freedom, in other words, to work on computing devices from anywhere and at any moment.

Second Benefit:

Cloud has transformed the concept of computing infrastructure by eliminating the major part of it including expensive hardware, servers (Local/Web), intranet/the Internet, and maintenance staff!

Third Benefit:

The third and vital Benefits of Cloud Services are its charge/rate model, which is based on “Pay per Use” and proves the most economical option for all kinds of beneficiaries. These three mentioned reasons have won the battle of cloud computing in contemporary era and SaaS (Software as a Service) platform has pushed it one-level up. SaaS grants SMBs, particularly small businesses and startups access to world class software systems without spending much on software development and maintenance.

Contributions of Software as a Service (SaaS) Applications in Operations of SMBs The most astounding thing is that small business is leveraging SaaS applications in their day-to-day and special operations, but hardly aware of it that they are using cloud computing services. Therefore, we have decided to introduce SMBs to highly useful and efficient SaaS applications in the current post.

1 - Microsoft Office 365

It is a productivity suite for office and freelance professional use based on Cloud services. It supports varying degree of devices and content types, including multimedia content. It provides a range of collaborative tools and technologies ranging from email to video conferences.

2 - Google Apps/Drive

Google is not lagging behind in the race. It has released various cloud-based Google Apps, in the form of Google Drive including shared documents, calendar, and a number of other SaaS-based productivity tools. Real-time updates, security, and best performance are attractive characteristics of Google Drive applications. Therefore, it has gained a big ground among the masses using SaaS and other cloud services.

3 - Amazon Web Services

This e-commerce king is going to becoming cloud king by offering the most comprehensive and subscriber-oriented cloud services by investing a lot in it. Amazon Web Services consist of more than 70 cloud services including SaaS. It provides a complete cloud-based software development platform to create IoT-level of intricate and resources demanding services. It has pay-as-you-go pricing policies, which is a winning strategy to beat the fiercely competitive market.

4 - Salesforce Cloud Services

It is undoubtedly famous as the vanguard of cloud revolution. It offers various SaaS-based CRM solutions to win businesses leads and sales with big ROI. It enjoys applauds by clients for loyalty and satisfaction.

5 - Dropbox

It provides exceptionally high quality cloud storage services that none in the niche is offering. It offers seamless user experiences across the devices and connectivity. Real-time updates and high-end security are a peculiarity of Dropbox cloud services. Besides, cloud services, it supports the development and maintenance of SaaS application as recent offerings.

6 - Slack

It is real-time SaaS-based messaging software for effective communication and file sharing. It allows private and public conversations in a secure environment. Being SaaS powered platform, it cut infrastructure costs, and grants speed, and provide comparable customer experiences.

7 - Zendesk

It is SaaS-based customer service/support software to help support and maintenance departments. It supports multiple communication channels including email, web, mobile, social media, and chats. It has machine-learning powered Automatic Answers system and a real-time chat with AI capabilities.

8 - Box

It is SaaS enabled workspace collaboration tool with tons of useful features such as support for 120+ file types to sharing, editing, brainstorming, and authentication of multimedia content in real-time. It provides tools to preview content prior to downloading, bring employee onboard, contract approvals, and abbreviating review cycles.

9 - Concur

SAP has released SaaS enabled expense management system to help moving workforce of organizations and businesses. It is an amalgamation of web based and mobile app solutions to book travel plans as per bespoke needs by following rules and regulations defined by the respective company. It eases the life of employees as well as account departments. It automatically reconciles expense receipts into digital reports and avoids paperwork at all.

10 - DocuSign

Gradually, an electronic signature is becoming essentiality in e-transactions taking place at big level across the globe. Office and business documents are signed anywhere through any device including mobiles. Therefore, DocuSign is providing the latest, secure, and valid e-signature technologies and transaction management services. It enables 85 million users across the globe to access, sign, and send business documents as well as personal transactions virtually from any location. Thus, it eases the life of executives, employees, and accountants by speeding up process cutting period from days to hours or minutes.

11 - JIRA

JIRA Atlassian is offering a range of SaaS powered software services for IT departments of an organization and IT companies to manage the team in collaborative ways. JIRA Software and JIRA Service Desk are cloud hosting services. Technically, JIRA Software offers PMS for software development team to share, schedule, manage and communicate on the given project with a team. JIRA Service Desk is a support and ticket management/desk service platform with SaaS software. It provides everything needed for the incident, change, and problem management related with the team and customer facing. Therefore, it has both interfaces, Customer Portal and Agent Interface. You can view queues, SLA goals, reports, and customer list as well as manage content in the knowledge base.

12 – ADP

ADP provides payroll and human resources management solutions for a range of businesses from small to mid and large size businesses in different packages using cloud capability in the form of SaaS platform. It also offers Employer Services to help the organization on each stage of employment cycle. Its outsourcing services help you get local expertise in any country.

13 – NetSuite

It is known for SaaS-based ERP platform for financial ERP, CRM, and e-commerce management software suites. It offers solutions for every business, every business size, and for each role in the business. Thus, it eliminates needs of QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP, and other business systems.

14- Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe has turned its one-time deployment software into SaaS powered subscription software. It provides different subscription rates and packages for individuals, students, educational institutions, and businesses need the creative software suite from basic graphics design to animation needs.

15 – Zoom

Zoom is video conferencing and web conferencing service platform on the cloud using SaaS based software/tools. It provides tools for online meetings, event meetings, collaborative conferences, individual and business video conferences, and cross-platform messaging & file sharing.


Of course, there are other a number of examples existing in the mainstream businesses and industries where SaaS platform is gaining ground as leading cloud service. However, selecting right SaaS platform for your custom needs is daunting and requires some assistance from the cloud experts.

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