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Updates on the New Tools for Visual Studio

The Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 released on March 7 at a 2-day event. Visual Studio 2017 has been applauded for its performance and also updates on the programming language compatibilities. The only downside that critics could find was the issue which the storage which really isn’t the Microsoft’s fault but the included independent features. However, the intent of this blog is not to focus on the review of Visual Studio 2017, but discuss the Power Productivity Tools which were launched to enhance user experience.

An Overview of the Tools

The Productivity Power Tools as the name suggests is Microsoft’s offering for developers. These tools are designed to give flexibility to the developers which in turns enhance their productivity. For those of you who were not aware of this, it is nothing new but a version update on the already existing set.

The recent launch is targeted to ease the work on Docker. A seasoned developer or a Asp.Net Development Company India would not need an introduction to Docker, but just in case you do, visit the official website to read everything there is to learn about Docker.

A Brief Use of the Tools

There are a few tools that were included in the Productivity Power Tools previously and have now been removed or altered. Here, we will try to cover the new ones in brief.

Custom Document Well:

The extension name itself is a description of what the tool does. By now, you would have guessed it that it allows you to customize the document well in Visual Studio.

Copy As HTML:

This extension allows you to copy the code in an HTML supported format and you would not be required to make any changes to the code.

Solution Error Visualizer:

This is an interesting update and will certainly be used extensively because it helps catch errors when the frame is viewed in the tool.

Peek Help:

This tool is useful and open up an editor window to help you find the help that you need without having to close the work window.

Power Commands for Visual Studio:

This is not an individual extension but a set. It includes extensions like Remove and Sort Usings and Open Command Prompt.

These are just a few of the many extensions that are available as a part of the Productivity Power Tools. Click here to read more about each of these extensions in detail. Besides, these there are other extension which were initially offered but because of a reported issue are now either not unavailable or a previous version is recommended. One such example is the Editor Guidelines extension.

Access to the Tools

You can download the Power Productivity Tools 2017 from the Microsoft marketplace. Alternatively, you can update the existing version from within your Visual Studio pack itself. The Productivity Power Tools comprises a lot of individual extensions, which you can enable or disable from within the Extensions and Updates options within the Tools.

Everything that the Visual Studio 2017 offers is cool for a .Net development company India or anywhere in the world. But, the extensions are good for all the developers. Having mentioned that some extensions have been dropped from the Productivity Power Tools list, it would be interesting to see how the new tools make up for those in an enhanced way. With only a few days into the new release, loyalists have already started reporting bugs and work has begun to fix those. Keep a watch on this space for the update on the upcoming versions and all the happenings.