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The 10 Eclipse Java Plug-Ins You Cannot Do Without

Eclipse is the most widely used integrated development environment for Java. Used to develop the Java applications, Eclipse is also often used to develop applications. Its extensive plug-ins gives it the flexibility to be customised. This open-source software remains popular since it came out.

The flexibility of Eclipse allows java programmers to both develop and implement applications on multiple infrastructures. However, problems crop up when we work with multiple plug-ins as the programme becomes slow. So, its important that you look for the best plug-ins at the Java Marketplace. Here are our top 10 pick:

Springsource Tool Suite (STS)

When it comes to Spring-powered applications STS is indispensable. The quick search option (Ctrl+Shift+L) alone is a good reason to go for this one!


It is the most popular plug-in in the Subversion repository. This is an easy interface and gets its edge because of its synchronisation with the Subversion updates. The Subversive plug-in also gets an honourable mention here, the only other plug-in to match Subclipse’s popularity.


We may not ever want to look for it, but FindBugs is the friend we cannot do without. Designed to detect bugs in a code, a warning by this plug-in could save a developer from an expensive mistake later on. With the ability to detect more than 200 bug patterns, it is useful in identifying defects in large projects and small.

Color Theme

The popularity of this plug-in is all about our need for aesthetics and personalisation. It may not be the next great innovation, but the colour theme’s ability to switch colours without hassle or side-effects is what makes it so popular.

Android Development Tools

As the name suggests, this plug-in is used to develop Android applications. But that is not the only reason we recommend it. The ADT is a powerful plug-in that allows you to start new projects, debug them and even allows for easy distribution.


Available under the Eclipse Public License, ECLemma is extremely useful. It works from Eclipse workbench. It can be quickly analysed by Java source code editors. In other words, it allows for quick development and testing.


It is a set of different Eclipse Luna plugins. Developed to support JbossTools, the plug-in is equally useful for other tech like CDI, (X)HTML, Apache Cordova, Aerogear Hybrid Mobile, JSF and more.

AnyEdit Tools Plugin

A useful text editor plug-in, AnyEdit Tools provides a set of menu options that can be very handy when working with text. It is very useful in managing text, especially conversions. It has workspace as well as project settings.


By far the best plug-in in the Git repository, EGit allows Java Programmers for Hire to manage projects in this version. This includes synchronisation, managing commands and creating clones. It uses the Java-based JGit Library.

Ant Visualiser

For those of us who like to ‘visualise’ their progress, Ant Visualiser is a handy plug-in. It compresses your XML by putting all the progress in blocks so that you can see how far you’ve come and where you are going!