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D365 v9.x Execute action or workflow from the business process flow


In this blog, we will learn how execute workflow or action directly from the BPF Business process flow as an action step.


  1. Open the action and mark highlighted checkbox to checked.
  2. Add the required input/output parameters and activate the action.
  3. Open the Business Process flow where you want to add as an Action Step.
  4. Select action from the dropdown
  5. Bind to fields
  6. Open the record
  7. Click on execute button


    Complex datatypes are not supported as an input/output parameter in the action.
    Following are the supported data types.

    1. String
    2. Boolean
    3. DateTime
    4. Float
    5. Integer
  • Only bound actions are supported.


In a Similar way, you can call workflow from the action step, but workflow must be enabled for on demand.
It is a great improvement in the business process flow where we have a business requirement to execute some custom logic as an action step.
Action step will work on both the forms (UCI/Legacy).

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