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Hire Magento Developers India

Do you have a Magento Store on which your entire e-commerce business is based upon?

Well, then you definitely need to hire Magento developers to keep your business stable.

Magento is not a single-time development application. To ensure your e-commerce website is up and running, you should make some tweaks, introduce new modifications and check for its security regularly. For all of those requirements and to prepare you for what’s in store for the future, the top Magento developers from Aegis Infoways India is here to help.

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Our Magento developers are experts at providing a strong, scalable and secure online marketplace that is designed just for your business. Each of our Magento developers has a rich portfolio compromising of working on the development of the top e-commerce platforms of today. Get in touch with us to beat the challenges of today and get your site ready for the developments of tomorrow.

What Makes Our Magento Developers the Best in India?

As Magento is a sophisticated platform that requires complete hand-on knowledge, you need to hire a Magento developer who knows the ins and outs of this platform and have proven experience at the same. Our developers can effortlessly craft high complex applications because of their experience and exposure to the challenges associated with working in Magento.

Simplistic Interactions with Expert Coding.

The entire user experience of the e-commerce website is mainly dependent on the ease of use. Our Magento developers leverage the various extensions and plug-ins to simplify the user interface as much as possible. We all know how soon the web users leave the website if it takes a long time to search for the required page. Our highly-skilled developers develop complex coding in the backend to minimize the operations a user has to do in the website.

Magnetizing First Impression.

The first few seconds a visitor spends after landing on a website decides the success of the lead. Attractive and mesmerizing web design is the deciding factor for the visitor to convert. We utilize the Magento store to pick out a theme from the thousands of others that represent your products in the best view. If you want a customized website design, we can create one for you too. Just tell us about how you envision your website to look like and we will come up with something amazing!

Practical Experience in Magento Editions.

Our Magento developers are the experts in every way – in terms of the Magento versions, the programming languages and the Magento structure of development. We have experts who are proficient in the Enterprise, Go and Community editions and Magento, not to mention the experience in working with PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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Hire Our Magento Developers for Tailor-Made E-Commerce Solutions.

As a dedicated provider of Magento services for offshore companies, we provide numerous options for developing a new Magento website as well as maintaining the existing ones to the current trends.

  • Magento Integrations with third-party systems like CRM, WMS, CMS and other delivery systems for Payments, Shipping Management, Inventory and Warehouse Management, supporting Multi-Vendor platforms, suppliers, and much more.
  • Magento SEO Optimization with in-house SEO specialists to give an excellent boost to the website from the time of the launch.
  • Magento Migration from other e-commerce platforms seamlessly by migrating all the databases of products, users and orders.
  • Magento 2 Upgrade from the old Magento versions without disturbing the Magento themes and elevating the security levels of the system.
  • Magento Development to create, design and customize the Magento website with proven expertise in MySQL, XML, Node.js, Jquery, PHP and CSS pre-processors like SaSS and Stylus.
  • Magento Theme Development with designs from PSD, Illustrator or designing tools to build a mobile-responsive website.
  • Magento Extension Development that meets the specific requirements of a business that lives up to the industry’s highest standards.
  • Enterprise-Grade Magento 1 and Magento 2 Development that solves the challenges of the business and optimizes the performance of the website.

Our Magento developers from India are highly skilled at solving any trouble that is threatening your business. Email to [email protected] about your requirements and hire our best Magento developers for long-term solutions.