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Data Infrastructure Services

Managed Data Infrastructure Provide Comprehensive Infrastructure Management

As enterprises become increasingly dependent on data, they often find themselves locked into legacy systems, processes, and services that inhibit their ability to respond. The inability to access data in real time makes it harder for organizations to drive operational agility in a constantly changing business environment.

The solution to this challenge lies in improving data infrastructure and governance and developing a data-centric culture that drives operational agility and enables teams to respond faster to changing business demands.

Our data infrastructure services enable organizations to bring together business, IT, and developer teams and align on common data goals.

If you have any such challenges in managing your data infrastructure, reach out to our experts now.

Data Management Services

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98% On-Time Delivery Every Time

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Laying a Strong Foundation for Your Data Infrastructure

If you want to revamp your data infrastructure or create a new data model, then you need to think long and hard about the data infrastructure you require and the experts you deploy. The data infrastructure you choose will affect your costs, data processing speed, and the variety of data sources available to your analytics platform.

Our data infrastructure services have been critical in addressing all aspects of the data value chain, from data ingestion and exploration to data transformation, sharing and consumption for various businesses.

Our solutions focus on both data-centric solutions and the development and integration of the overall data management process. These services enable companies to store and process data and use it to gain new insights.

Our infrastructure management services help you automate and optimize your IT operations, reduce costs, and reduce downtime. We tailor our infrastructure management services to meet the specific needs of businesses and industries, resulting in measurable ROI through increased operational efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Laying a Strong Foundation for Your Data Infrastructure

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Let’s Maximize Your Data Investment

To truly transform, every organization needs a whole stack of data infrastructure Integration services: computing, storage, networks, security, and cloud. We lay the foundation of this stack with a comprehensive infrastructure that combines the best of on-premises, cloud, and virtualization technologies – and maximize value from your investment.

Data Infrastructure

Take responsibility for developing and delivering data infrastructure services.


Work across all data products, including data warehousing and data lakes.


Build the tools necessary to query and store data and systems needed to move data around.


Maintain and evolve the data platform according to the business needs.


Deploy data integration solutions to support different technologies like Oracle, SAP, and MS SQL.


Develop and maintain data platform technical documentation.


Develop Big Data infrastructure using open-source technologies such as Apache Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, Presto, HBase, and Hive.


Support existing data infrastructure services.


Collaborate on data engineering automation efforts.


Build reusable components for the platform and scalable infrastructure solutions.

Aegis Infoways Data Infrastructure Services

The complexity of managing the rising volume of data requires a systematic approach. We need a system that can analyze vast amounts of data that can be accessed from disparate sources – and can analyze and visualize the data in real time, track metrics, and make timely decisions.

But most importantly, we need a system that can understand and process data, making it readily accessible to the business. This is where our comprehensive data infrastructure services come in.

Our skilled and specialized team helps you implement, manage, and maintain your applications through our comprehensive Managed Data Infrastructure Services. We customize our data infrastructure solutions and services to address your business’s unique data integration and management needs.

Data Infrastructure Consulting

Data Infrastructure Consulting

From data cleansing to data warehousing, our consultants can help you define your data strategy, address key challenges, and define clear use cases.

Data Infrastructure Consulting

Real-Time Processing

We create ultra-fast data processing systems through which you can get instant insights based on the current data to support your crucial business decisions.

Data Infrastructure Consulting

Data Infrastructure Management

You want your data systems to run like clockwork at optimal performance, and our data specialists are here to make that happen.

Data Infrastructure Consulting

Data Infrastructure Integration

We help businesses leverage all their data, whether it is on-premises or in the cloud and ensure that your data is stored securely and compliant with industry best practices.

Data Infrastructure Consulting

Data Infrastructure Migration

We offer Data Infrastructure Migration services to help you migrate data from legacy databases to modern data platforms like Oracle, Teradata, and Snowflake.

Data Infrastructure Consulting

Data Compliance

We provide data governance services to help you comply with governance policies and standards so that you can define policies for data access, audit, and compliance.

How Aegis Infoways Data Infrastructure Consulting Help You?

At Aegis Infoways, we leverage our decade of experience in data infrastructure services to help businesses align their capabilities with business requirements, as well as manage data more effectively. We develop customized solutions with core data-centric capabilities such as data integration, data warehousing, data governance, and advanced analytics.

  • We work with you to understand the business processes and needs, and our experienced professionals then design and deliver solutions that utilize the power of data.
  • We support your data infrastructure lifecycle from design to implementation and through to monitoring, management, and optimization.
  • At Aegis Infoways, our expert Data Infrastructure Team can help you increase the effectiveness of your data analytics and support your organization’s agility, flexibility, and scalability.
  • Our Data Infrastructure Migration Services help businesses leverage data insights to improve business performance.
  • We deliver end-to-end data infrastructure management services to help you realize the full value of your data investments, optimize its performance, and simplify operations and data management services.
  • We develop integrated data models, integrate data across platforms, and leverage the power of data to improve business processes.
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