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Data Warehousing Solutions

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Data Warehousing Solutions

Data is the backbone of an organization’s growth. If you want to make data-driven decisions, you need to have a well-designed data system that allows you to sort through and pick the right datasets for analysis. Data warehousing solutions are the best way to create a proper system for data storage.

Just dumping the whole bunch of data to a location isn’t data warehousing. Our data warehousing services extract the data from a selection of sources clean, format and validate these data as they move to the data warehouses. The result is a useful data storage system from which data can be accessed quickly based on the filters.

We have a team of specialized data experts who excel at different roles like data collection, analysis and management. We analyze your data needs and customize the data warehousing process to operate as needed.

Data warehouses offer numerous benefits when compared to the traditional approach. At Aegis Infoways, we help you to make the most of it and integrate with the BI tools to easily fetch and run data operations. Here are some reasons why you need our data warehousing services.

  • You can save so much time at retrieving the data from multiple sources. You just have to access it directly from the warehouses.
  • Filter and section the data based on the common formats, data models, sources, access types, etc.
  • You can easily run real-time analytics of the data with the sectioned data from the data warehouse.
  • A data warehouse will avoid inconsistencies in data across the entire organization as there will be only one version of the truth.
  • You can add descriptions of the data inside the warehouse, which makes it easier for people to explore and fetch the right data.
  • It becomes easier to create reports when the data warehouses are integrated with BI tools.
  • You can see the overview of the data from the dashboards in graphical representations and easily sort through huge volumes.
  • You can integrate the data warehouse with data mining tools to find the hidden meaning of the data.
  • Even when the data analysis is complicated, you can create graphs and reports directly from the data warehouse that simplify the information.

Do you need more guidance on the data warehouses? You can schedule a data warehousing consulting session with one of our experts and discuss your doubts.

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Our Data Warehousing Services: Bringing Out the Best in Data

We are able to create intelligent, user-friendly and result-driven data systems due to expertise in all things data. We have more than 15 years of experience in data analytics, business intelligence and data management. We understand how much banks on the quality and management of data.

That’s why we research and implement only the best systems and proven data practices to increase the efficiency of the data operations. We are the one-stop company for all data warehousing services, be it development, design or support.

Data Warehousing Consulting Services

If you are considering data warehouses, then you must have lots of questions.

  • Which one is best for you: cloud, on-premise or hybrid data warehouse?
  • What tools should you integrate?
  • What are the technology stacks you need?
  • How do you migrate the data from another system safely to data warehouses?
  • What parameters should you prioritize in the dashboards?

We are here to answer all of these questions. You can connect with our experts for data warehousing consulting session and we will guide you with customized solutions based on your requirements.

Data Warehouse Development

From modeling the data to creating a complete system for a data warehouse, we do it all. We understand your needs, budget, timeframe and existing systems to create a complete data warehousing solution and integrations. If you already have some tools that are extracting data from a central data source, we will ensure continuous, uninterrupted operation with the data warehouse.

We use analytical databases like Vertica, Teradata, Oracle Exadata and other similar systems to implement the warehouse. We include visualization tools like Tableau, Pentaho or Power BI and big data systems like Cloudera and Hadoop for a highly functioning data warehouse.

Managed Data Warehousing Solutions for Cloud Platforms

If you are already using a data warehouse like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, we offer managed services to maintain and support the system. We provide several solutions like:

  • Cloud architecture design and selection
  • Data migration
  • Application migration
  • Continuous integration
  • Advanced analytics
  • Big data solutions
  • Lifecycle management
  • Cloud optimized delivery

Data Warehouse Support

If you want to harness continuous value from the data, then the data warehouse has to work up to the speed. Our support executives will monitor the data warehouses regularly, checking for performance issues and security issues. We also make adjustments to meet the new requirements to increase the data's accuracy and quality in the warehouse. If we come across any issues, we quickly resolve them.

We also help with the selection of the right vendor, migration to a new data warehouse, configuring the system for relevancy, revamping the data process and offer testing services to check for any accuracy or integration problems.

Get help from our data warehousing experts for Data Warehousing Solutions now! Send a mail to [email protected] with your details and we will get back to you in a day.

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