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Data Warehousing Services

Data is the Backbone of an Organization’s Growth

If you want to make data-driven decisions, you need to have a well-designed data system that allows you to sort through and pick the right datasets for analysis. Data warehousing solutions are the best way to create a proper system for data storage.

Just dumping the whole bunch of data at a location isn’t data warehousing. Our data warehousing services extract the data from a selection of sources, clean, format, and validate it as it moves to the data warehouses. The outcome is a beneficial data storage system that permits fast data retrieval through filters.

We have a team of specialized data experts who excel in various roles like data collection, analysis, and management. We analyze your data needs and customize the data warehousing process to operate as needed.

Data Warehousing Solutions

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Certified Data Warehousing Solutions Provider

In-depth Experience of Data Warehouse Solutions

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98% On-Time Delivery Every Time

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Transforming Data Management with Data Warehousing Solutions

Data warehouses offer numerous benefits when compared to the traditional approach. At Aegis Infoways – Data Warehousing Company, we help you to make the most of it and integrate with the BI tools to easily fetch and run data operations. Here are some reasons why you need our data warehousing services.

Data warehouses

You can save so much time retrieving the data from multiple sources. You have to access it directly from the warehouses.


Filter and segment data based on simple formats, data models, sources, access types, etc.


You can simply run real-time analytics on the data with the sectioned data from the data warehouse.


A data warehouse will avoid inconsistencies in data across the entire organization as there will be only one version of the truth.


You can add data descriptions to the warehouse, making it easier for people to explore and retrieve data.


Creating reports becomes simple with the integration of data warehouses with BI tools.


You can view data overviews from dashboards in graphical representations and simply sort by large volumes.


You can integrate the data warehouse with data mining tools to find the hidden meaning of the data.


Even when the data analysis is complicated, you can create graphs and reports directly from the data warehouse that simplify the information.

Do you need more guidance on data warehouses? You can schedule a data warehousing consulting session with one of our experts and discuss your doubts.

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Our Data Warehousing Services: Bringing Out the Best in Data

Our expertise in all things data enables us to create intelligent, user-friendly, and results-driven data systems. We have over 15 years of experience in data analytics, business intelligence, and data management. We understand how many banks are on data quality and management.

That’s why we research and implement only the best systems and proven data practices to increase the efficiency of the data operations. Our company is the only place to go for all data warehouse services, whether it’s development, design, or support.

Data Warehousing Consulting Services

If you are considering data warehouses, then you must have lots of questions.


Which one is best for you: cloud, on-premise, or hybrid data warehouse?


What tools should you integrate?


What are the technology stacks you need?


How do you migrate the data from another system safely to data warehouses?


What parameters should you prioritize in the dashboards?

Data Warehousing Consulting Services

We are here to answer all of these questions. You can connect with our experts for data warehousing consulting session and we will guide you with customized Data warehouse solutions based on your requirements.

Data Warehouse Development

At Aegis Infoways, we do everything from data modeling to building complete systems for data warehouses. We understand your needs, budget, deadlines, and existing systems to create the perfect data warehousing solution and integration. If you already have some tools that extract data from a central data source, we will ensure continuous, uninterrupted operation with the data warehouse.

We use analytical databases like Vertica, Teradata, Oracle Exadata, and other similar systems to implement the warehouse. We include visualization tools like Tableau, Pentaho, or Power BI and big data systems like Cloudera and Hadoop for a highly functioning data warehouse.

Managed Data Warehousing Solutions for Cloud Platforms

If you are already using a data warehouse like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud, we offer managed services to maintain and support the system. We provide several solutions:


Cloud architecture design and selection


Data migration


Continuous integration


Application migration


Big data solutions


Advanced analytics


Cloud optimized delivery


Lifecycle management

Data Warehouse Support

If you want to use persistent value from the data, the data warehouse has to work up to speed. Our support executives will monitor the data warehouses regularly, checking for performance and security issues. We also make adjustments to meet the new requirements to increase the data’s accuracy and quality in the warehouse. If we come across any queries, we quickly resolve them.

We also assist in selecting the right vendor, migrating to a new data warehouse, configuring systems for compatibility, improving data processing, and providing testing services to investigate any accuracy or integration issues.

Get help from our data warehousing experts for Data Warehousing Solutions now! Send your requirements to info@aegisinfoways.com with details, and we will get back to you in a day.


What is a data warehouse? what does the term big data mean?

Data warehouse

Data warehouses consolidate information from various sources into a centralized repository. They use ETL tools to extract, transform, and load data for efficient analysis. With a three-tier architecture involving databases, OLAP servers, and user interfaces, data warehouses enable fast multidimensional data querying and reporting to drive business intelligence and decision-making.

Big data

Big data refers to massive, rapidly growing datasets from diverse sources. It encompasses the volume of information, the velocity at which it is generated, and the various types of data it contains. Big data can be structured or unstructured, such as database records or social media content. Specialized software is used to store and analyze these large, complex datasets to uncover valuable insights for organizations.

What is the outcome of a data warehouse?

Data warehouse empowers organizations to extract valuable insights from consolidated data sources. The outcome of a data warehouse is the storage of large amounts of historical data, data consolidation, improved decision-making, data analysis and reporting, and business intelligence.

  • It provides analysts with powerful reporting, dashboarding, and visualization tools to monitor performance metrics and key indicators.
  • With a comprehensive view of business data, decision-makers can leverage these insights to make informed, data-driven choices that drive growth and success.
  • The data warehouse serves as a strategic asset, enabling companies to optimize operations, identify opportunities, and stay ahead in a competitive landscape through improved decision-making processes.

What are the benefits of using a data warehouse?

The benefits of using a data warehouse are as follows:

  • A data warehouse empowers organizations by consolidating data from multiple sources into a centralized repository, ensuring data quality and consistency.
  • It enables data-driven decision-making by leveraging automation and powerful analytical capabilities.
  • With a data warehouse, businesses can seamlessly integrate on-premises and cloud solutions, unlocking valuable insights for process improvements.
  • As companies grow, a data warehouse provides the scalability to adapt and continue delivering actionable intelligence that drives informed decision-making.
  • By harnessing the power of a data warehouse, organizations can gain a competitive edge through data-driven strategies and responsive business operations.

What is a data lake vs a data warehouse?


Data Lake

Data Warehouse


Store raw, unstructured data for big data analytics and machine learning

Optimized for structured data and business intelligence


Define schema after data is stored (schema-on-read) 

Define schema before data is stored (schema-on-write)

Data sources

Combine multiple sources of data

Store data from specific sources

Data types

Unstructured and semi-structured data

Structured data

Data processing

Batch and real-time processing

Mainly batch processing

Data quality

Raw data and quality issues may exist

Cleansed and curated data


Data scientists, analysts

Business users, analysts

What kind of data warehousing services are offered?

At Aegis Infoways, our team of experts specializes in creating tailor-made data warehousing solutions. We meticulously analyze your requirements, budget constraints, timelines, and current systems to design and implement a comprehensive data warehouse. From data modeling to system integration, we streamline the entire process, ensuring a seamless and optimized solution that meets your unique business needs. The following are the data warehouse services offered at Aegis Infoways.

  • Data warehousing consulting services
  • Data warehousing solutions
  • Data warehousing integration with BI tools
  • ETL data warehousing
  • Custom data warehousing solutions

Can you customize data warehousing solutions to fit specific industry needs?

Yes. We do customize data warehousing solutions to fit the specific industry needs.

What technologies and tools do you use for data warehousing projects?

  • Our comprehensive approach combines best-in-class technologies to deliver a high-performing, future-ready data warehousing solution tailored to your unique requirements.
  • Our data warehousing experts leverage cutting-edge analytical databases, including Vertica, Teradata, and Oracle Exadata, to build robust and scalable solutions.
  • We seamlessly integrate powerful visualization tools such as Tableau, Pentaho, or Power BI, empowering you with insightful data visualizations.
  • Additionally, we harness the capabilities of Big data systems like Cloudera, Hadoop, and ETL services to ensure your data warehouse can handle vast amounts of data efficiently.

Can you provide ongoing maintenance and support for data warehousing systems?

Yes. At Aegis Infoways, we provide ongoing maintenance and support for data warehousing systems.

How do you manage data quality and consistency in the data warehouse?

We at Aegis manage data quality and consistency through the following strategies:

  • Defining objectives and evaluating maturity
  • Designing architecture and developing solutions
  • Establishing governance policies
  • Ensuring seamless implementation
  • Improving the quality and accuracy of data
  • Managing reference and master data
  • Enhancing integrity and reliability of data

What are the benefits of a Cloud Data Warehouse?

The benefits of a cloud data warehouse include:

  • Seamless scalability for evolving needs
  • High-performance data processing capabilities
  • Consolidated data across applications
  • Uncover hidden business opportunities
  • Agile, flexible, and user-friendly
  • Improved data integrity, real-time analytics


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