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IOT Software Development Services

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IOT Application Development Services

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IoT Application Development Services

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the way companies do business. The IoT is the network that connects the world’s devices, from simple everyday objects to advanced manufacturing and production lines.

The IoT opens up new avenues for your business, but as the complexity increases, you need someone to guide you through the development and deployment. This is where our IoT developers and engineers are of immense help.

We offer customized IoT software development services to manage, configure, update, and provision your devices quickly and easily. We also help with choosing the right hardware, tech stack and make the necessary integrations for your IoT network to function without a glitch.

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Derive Real Business Value Through IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of interconnected devices that can be monitored and controlled remotely.

They can be ordinary household objects or industrial machines connected by networks. These could also be computers, smartphones, tablets, cars, home appliances and even wearable technology. Such devices can be embedded with microprocessors, sensors, actuators, and connectivity.

We connect these devices to other devices over the internet and allow for bidirectional communication. Devices may be embedded with software allowing it to receive and process data or link to other devices.

At Aegis Infoways, we have been involved in IoT software development services for web and mobile platforms, supporting embedded devices with full hardware integration, browser-to-gateway communication, cloud to device integration, including support. Our technical IoT experts will help you build your competitive edge in today's marketplace.

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The Impact of IoT on Technological Advancements

The IoT is driven by the rise of the Internet and advances in embedded technology, which allow everyday objects to be embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity. IoT is having a profound effect on how our world operates.

IoT is also being driven by increased pressure on businesses to reduce operational costs and increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction and retention — and it has proven to be one of the superior technologies companies can rely on. Many companies have seen unprecedented results due to the IoT integration.

  • IoT technology can be used to create new goods and services that improve consumers’ lives.
  • IoT technology can help organizations create a safer work environment.
  • Companies across sectors are now deploying IoT in different forms, from smart buildings to smart factories and smart cities, smart agriculture, smart grids, smart utilities, smart healthcare and smart transportation.
  • With the IoT, you don't just drive your car. You also control everything from door locks to cruise control, and you navigate your route and check your speed.
  • Healthcare professionals — from doctors to nurses to physical therapists — are finding that the IoT can improve their practice. When a patient uses a connected bracelet or band to track their heart rate or blood pressure, a healthcare app can analyze the information and use predictive analysis to make recommendations to the patient's physician.
  • Manufacturers are using the IoT to improve the quality of their products. A connected sensor can analyze the flow of oil or hydraulic fluid in a machine, provide feedback to the manufacturer, and suggest an adjustment to improve performance.
  • Retailers can utilize IoT for inventory and supply chain management solutions to reduce the amount of product loss and for promoting customer engagement.

IoT Application Development Services We Offer

IoT development involves more than just connecting devices. You need to set up business processes and workflows that deal with the data and the device and you need the devices to talk to each other. You also need to build secure connections between the devices and the back-end systems. Our comprehensive IoT application development services can address all of these concerns and needs. We offer end-to-end support for IoT software development with our wide bandwidth of services designed to handle your workload through every phase.


IoT App Design

Our design team works closely with your technical and professional teams to design a system that's scalable, efficient, reliable and robust.


IoT App Development

Our development environment is designed to help our engineers quickly fix bugs and improve system performance while minimizing downtime.


IoT App Testing

We provide testing solutions ranging from security reviews to penetration testing and use agile methodologies to ensure that each security stage of the SDLC is accounted for.


IoT App Deployment

Our deployment system ensures the smooth rollout of software across your various platforms and devices to ensure its seamless functionalities across all.


API Development

With years of experience developing IoT software, we can work with you to develop APIs for your existing IoT applications that will allow you to capture critical data.


IoT Data Analytics

We offer a range of data analytics solutions, including predictive analytics, data warehousing and data management to analyze KPIs.

Our Approach to IoT Software Development Services

Our IoT developers create custom IoT solutions to help organizations increase revenue opportunities, streamline operations, increase revenue, drive improved customer experience, and improve productivity.

We collaborate with you to create business cases from IoT data through applications that implement the best industry standards and approaches. Our approach provides a comprehensive view of cutting-edge technologies and trends, enabling us to build up successful solutions for you.

  • We understand how to develop IoT applications and we can help you shape your ideas.
  • We design a high-quality application architecture based on your vision.
  • We choose an optimal technology stack that works well with your existing platforms and technologies.
  • We create a project roadmap for you to obtain the groundwork for developing a reliable, easy-to-maintain, scalable and secure IoT application.
  • We create the application keeping in mind regulatory concerns, privacy and security.
  • We push the application through multiple stages of rigorous testing before finalizing the release.

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