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Microsoft Consulting Services India

Tailored Solutions, Expert Guidance, and Proactive Security for Your Unique Journey

Established in 2003, Aegis Infoways provides one-of-a-kind strategic Microsoft consulting services. Our comprehensive solutions cover the entire spectrum, leveraging the capabilities derived from our advanced technology infrastructure. We are rooted in utilizing our profound knowledge to generate business value through ground-breaking solutions. We are committed to helping clients envision their digital transformation journey, regardless of its starting point, and to increase productivity while promoting sustainable growth. With this mission as our guiding principle, we empower organizations by delivering state-of-the-art Microsoft Consulting Services in India.

Our strategy, which is unique and backed by dedicated partnerships, is tailored to meet your specific demands. We stand ready to assist you with expert advice and personalized support for all your IT needs. Rely on us for hands-on solutions that prioritize the privacy and security of your data, seamlessly integrated into your distinctive business environment.


18 + Years Of Experience

In depth Experience of All
Development Technologies


25+ Certified Microsoft Developers

Hire Developers of Microsoft Consulting


98% On Time Delivery Every Time

Seamless and on Time all Technologies Solutions


More than 5,000 Hours

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Key Microsoft Consulting Services

Unleash success with our strategic alliance

Microsoft Consulting Services is a holistic IT consulting solution designed for businesses of all sizes. Unlock the potential of Microsoft technologies for business optimization with Aegis Infoways.

Microsoft Copilot Consulting

Microsoft Copilot Consulting

Unleash the potential of artificial intelligence with Microsoft 365 Copilot, transforming your favorite Microsoft apps. Elevate your business intelligence through our Microsoft Copilot Consulting services, adapting seamlessly to the era of Microsoft AI. We guide your business in preparing for the revolutionary Copilot products. Our Copilot consulting service ensures a smooth adoption of AI-powered technology across Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and beyond. From customization to integration, we align Copilot with your tools, leveraging its advanced capabilities to enhance productivity and streamline workflows.

Dynamics 365 F&O, BC

Dynamics 365 F&O, BC

Step into the future with Microsoft’s unified Dynamics 365 suite, including Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) and Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (F&O). Certified professionals at Aegis Infoways support Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Finance & Operations, seamlessly integrating with Office 365 and other Dynamics 365 applications for a cohesive experience. Our consultants bring hands-on experience to deploy and integrate these solutions tailored to your business. Offering advisory, managed services, and implementation, our skilled team ensures a future-ready business environment with regular consultations.

Power Platform

Power Platform

Elevate your digital transformation with top-tier professionals and Microsoft-certified Power Platform consultants. Streamline and enhance your business processes using the Power Platform suite: Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents. Create custom business applications quickly with a low-code approach, enhancing speed, efficiency, and transparency. Join forces with us to unlock the potential of the Microsoft Power Platform, paving the way for smart, low-code, and cross-platform solutions. As pioneers and seasoned experts in Power Platform technology, we guide you in building scalable solutions that accelerate delivery cycles and cut development costs.

Microsoft 365 Consulting

Microsoft 365 Consulting

Explore the versatility of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, renowned for its comprehensive suite of applications and toolsets. Discover the unique advantages we have to offer based on Microsoft’s top tools. Choose a technology, and let us implement it for you, solving your business challenges. Our expert consultants provide personalized advice on optimizing business efficiency using Microsoft 365 across various industries, supporting both SMEs and Enterprises for a seamless digital environment.

Azure Consulting

Azure Consulting

Be confident as we use our proven Azure platform skills to identify and implement tailored solutions for your organization. Whether it’s cloud adoption, migration, or the development of modern business applications, our verified Azure Partner status signifies a mastery of Microsoft standard best practices. From Azure Cloud Service to Hybrid Cloud solutions, we offer more than a generic Azure Consulting service. Our Azure experts craft Scoped Projects, ensuring a roadmap to success with predetermined budgets and timelines.

Dynamics 365 Consulting

Dynamics 365 Consulting

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 reshapes business operations with a unified platform blending CRM, ERP, AI, and productivity apps. Tailor solutions, assess, and implement seamlessly with our Dynamics 365 consulting services. We analyze your enterprise needs, recommending optimal licenses. Trust us for end-to-end consulting in sales, customer service, field service, marketing, finance, human resources, and supply chain management. Our proficient Dynamics consultants are ready for your most complex enterprise projects.

Dynamics 365 CE

Dynamics 365 CE

Meet our in-house team of certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE consultants, ready to serve businesses across various industries. Our consultants are well-versed in the technical aspects of Dynamics 365 CE solutions. At Aegis Infoways, we swiftly validate ideas and deliver prototypes within a week. We execute projects with lightning speed and quality assurance. Whether your project is small or large, we offer full life cycle implementation, migration, enhancement, and robust support.

SQL Server

SQL Server

MS SQL Server, the most advanced platform for data warehousing, analysis, and reporting, will enhance your business. If your database is critical, increase your performance with our SQL Server Consulting by our dedicated SQL Server consultant’s expert, evidence-based support, delivering success with defined results, setting budgets and timelines, and ensuring an optimized on-premises or cloud environment.



Tap into the power of Microsoft SharePoint – an adaptable, web-based responsive platform that integrates with Microsoft Office for Efficient data storage, organization, sharing, and universal accessibility. Our SharePoint consulting transforms clutter workflows and enhances communication. Our consultants analyze your collaboration challenges, show how SharePoint aligns with your needs, and leverage its best practices for future scalability.

Benefits of Microsoft consulting

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Leverage Microsoft Consulting Solutions to tackle business challenges with expert consultants. Access Microsoft product experts for building tailored enterprise solutions across industries. Rely on their experience to Unlock technology’s power for efficient, growth-oriented digital transformation.

Efficiency and Collaboration

Efficiency and Collaboration

Amplify business efficiency with strategic advice from our consultants. Streamline operations, implement effective systems, and receive expert guidance that ensures long-term success. Consultants identify and implement tailored Microsoft tools for efficient collaboration.

Cost and Time Savings

Cost and Time Savings

Trim Microsoft 365 costs with a consultant’s tailored approach, using custom app development for optimal solutions. Aegis promises a strong ROI through cost-effective services, reducing technology risks.

Smart Licensing Approach

Smart Licensing Approach

Our experienced consultants, well-versed in best practices, guide you through the complex process of choosing Microsoft products and licenses. Rely on Aegis Infoways for timely, expert support – pay only for the solutions your business needs.

Business Expansion

Business Expansion

Small and start-up businesses often face scalability challenges. Microsoft Consulting Services Company offers solutions tailored to your growth. From cloud migration to new applications, their expertise ensures smooth transitions. They also identify and address potential risks, expediting implementation for efficient business expansion.

Microsoft Consulting Company

Pioneering Microsoft Consulting Services for a Digital Tomorrow

Navigating the fast-paced reality demands more than just innovation; you also need comprehensive and trusted collaboration. Aegis Infoways, as an offshore software development company, specializes in providing Microsoft consulting services to our clients. Our team comprises skilled architects, project managers, consultants and beyond, each bringing valuable experience and expertise to navigate diverse aspects of our company.

Why Choose Aegis Infoways as Your Trusted Microsoft Consulting Company?

Gold Certification

Aegis Infoways holds a prestigious Microsoft Gold Certification, showcasing unparalleled expertise. Clients can rely on our industry-recognized and proven capabilities, ensuring top-tier Microsoft consulting solutions.

Positive Reviews

Experience client satisfaction through glowing reviews of Aegis Infoways. Our Microsoft consulting services India consistently exceeds expectations, reflecting a dedication to impactful solutions and customer contentment.

Transparent Services

Opt for Aegis Infoways and enjoy Microsoft consulting solutions with transparent pricing and services. Our commitment to clear communication ensures clients understand costs and value, fostering trust in every interaction.

Reliable Services

Aegis Infoways maintains a solid track record, consistently providing reliable tech services. Clients can rely on us for seamless and trustworthy Microsoft consulting company, establishing enduring partnerships.

Dedicated Support

Aegis Infoways guarantees dedicated customer support in every Microsoft consulting journey. Our team is committed to delivering personalized assistance, ensuring prompt and effective resolution of client needs.

Microsoft Consulting Solutions Partner

Proven consulting solutions for maximum impact.

As a trusted Microsoft consulting Solutions Partner, we collaborate closely with Microsoft to create impactful solutions for our clients, fostering innovation. We ensure your organization maximizes its Microsoft investment. We continuously engage with cutting-edge technologies. This necessitates constant innovation in our services, ensuring that we consistently think beyond conventional boundaries to provide the best solutions for our customers.

Microsoft Consulting Process

Our approach involves assessing our customers’ current environments and understanding their aspirations, whether related to product launches, cloud computing, or other advancements. We then craft tailored solutions that precisely meet our customers’ diverse needs.

Microsoft Consulting Solutions

Consultation and Assessment

We prioritizes a deep understanding of your IT team and ecosystem. Our commitment involves attentive listening, identifying business gaps, addressing technology challenges, and delivering a competitive solution that aligns with your unique needs.


Implementation Strategy

Aegis Infoways Microsoft consultancy company crafts a strategic implementation plan post-in-depth comprehension. This includes a comprehensive roadmap with milestones, timelines, and KPIs, all geared toward ensuring project success and fostering effective communication.


Training and Support

Our team ensures a smooth onboarding experience, equipping your staff with the skills they need for effective technology use. We provide ongoing support for continuous excellence.

Use Cases

Embark on a transformational journey with our advanced Microsoft consulting, where we offer secure cloud space for seamless operation of your critical applications. The comprehensive suite goes beyond mere implementation, encompassing vital support for user adoption and continuous assistance with Office 365 solutions.

Experience the ease of rapid compute capacity acquisition and configuration through Microsoft’s user-friendly interface, empowering you to initiate new servers swiftly and scale your operations up or down as needed. Our expert team is dedicated to guiding you through the configuration and deployment of these programs, ensuring a tailored approach to meet your unique business needs.

Join the wave of businesses achieving sustainable advantages with our Microsoft Consulting Services. Adapt to evolving business demands and elevate your digital landscape with confidence. Embrace innovation, choose excellence – Partner with us for a future-ready transformation!

Use Cases

Technology stack

Microsoft Technologies Used

We handle everything in your project journey – from the first planning stages and design to rolling out, training, and continuous support. Our services cover the whole project lifecycle.


.Net core

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft team


Dynamics 365 Finance and operations

Dynamics 365 customer insights

Power Virtual Agents

Power Platform

Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Pages

SQL Server

Power BI

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Microsoft Data verse

Integration Capabilities

Azure Cloud Deployments: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS

Digital Enablement: Teams, Mobility, Digital Workforce, Digital Workplace

Artificial Intelligence: Microsoft ignite and MS Copilot.

Business Intelligence

Advanced Analytics: Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis, NLP

Azure Cloud Migration

DevOps Tools

Security and Compliance

Aegis experts enhance your security, recommend advanced features, and address industry or governmental compliance needs.

Security and Compliance

Built In Data Security Measures

  • Azure Information Protection
  • Azure Cloud App Security
  • Microsoft Defender: Office 365, Endpoint, Identity
  • Endpoint Management with Intune
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Sentinel

Compliance Standards

  • GDPR
  • ISO 27001

Our Microsoft consulting services empower forward-thinking organizations to seamlessly apply enterprise technologies to business problems. With our expertise, navigate and accelerate confidently. Don’t just keep up; stay ahead in the race for progress. Choose Aegis Infoways and transform challenges into opportunities. Your digital future awaits – let’s accelerate together! Contact us today.


Beatrix Solutions Ltd


I have worked with Aegis since 2009 and have found them to be honest, reliable, hardworking and conscientious.

As a boutique software consultancy we compete on our ability to be agile and in being able to offer rapid turnaround to our clients. Aegis has proven to be the perfect partner for us as they have continually provided us with a strong level of expertise and enthusiasm without the bloated overhead of unnecessary bureaucracy or worry.

~ Paul Agbetile

Doomos Real Estate S.L.


It was a pleasure to hire Aegis software for creating one of our projects. Experts from Aegis have worked on Microsoft .Net technology following some great frameworks and have put in lot of hard work and dedication that resulted in project success.

Juan Diego Avendano Ortiz


We did Hire 2X full time Java Developers from Aegis Software on a regime of outsourcing, to help us improve time to market of our product.

The software platform is based on Java & Sencha Touch Platform, and they are delivering the software on time and with success. Happy with our team.

Filipe Campos


Perugia, Italy

We were searching the best offshore java development team to work on our project and discovered a reliable partner- Aegis Software. We have hired 2 full-time java developers from Aegis and are satisfied and happy with their services and support. You can truly reply on Aegis java development team to avail java solutions at feasible rates. The team is offering standard support and best innovative solutions and making excellence in deliveries. We highly recommend Aegis and its Java development team for every intricate java solution.

PointRF R&D Ltd.


As a manager responsible for development outsourcing in PointRF I wish to express my appreciation and thanks.

Aegis software has been an efficient and reliable source for Java Development services for our company. The team has been able to meet a broad range of our requirements pertaining to our healthcare project, while the company has remained flexible, cost efficient and most importantly lightning fast. Aegis is absolutely a trusted partner for us. Keep up the good work team! ”

I am sure we will utilize Aegis’ expertise in our future activities.

Adi Tadmor