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  • ASP.NET Core Application Development Services

    The modern software development process needs a robust, cutting-edge framework that offers the freedom to build an application based on the company’s specifications. ASP.NET Core development fits that requirement perfectly. With its flexibility in operations and the simplistic working system, it has become many developers’ favourite.

    Aegis Infoways offers expert .NET Core application development services that can be used to build any cross-platform applications with the latest technologies like AI, big data and IoT. Our services are inclusive of the complete steps in the software development lifecycle to deliver high-performance web apps.

    Our .NET developers are more than ten years of experience with .NET. They have developed process-specific applications that are compatible to run across multiple platforms.


Everything You Need to Know ASP.NET Core Development

ASP.NET Core is a general-purpose framework that can be used to develop web applications for Windows, iOS and Linux. This was built by Microsoft to allow the developers to overcome the drawbacks in the original .NET framework that was restricted just Windows.

.NET Core framework was released as a fluid development solution that quickly builds cross-platform apps. The .NET Core framework is written in C# and C++. The very first version of .NET Core was first released in 2016.

  • One of the most advanced, extensive libraries that offer features and tools to build sophisticated applications of any scale.
  • Completely open-source and can be accessed on Github with a wide community of over 60,000 developers contributing to the .NET ecosystem.
  • Highly scalable to suit any extensive development needs.
  • Robust architecture like x64, x86, and ARM.
  • Used to build web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, cloud apps and gaming apps.
  • Built-in JSON support for swift application development.
  • Supports OOPS, collections, lambdas, LINQ and asynchronous programming.

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Most Acclaimed Features of ASP.NET Core Development

.NET Core is a refined form version of the .NET framework that offers far more advantages. Because of its wide community, the features and capabilities of .NET Core are expanding to accommodate the needs of multiple platforms and operating systems, not to mention the inclusion of the latest technologies. ASP.NET Core development has innumerable benefits that make it a top choice.


Extremely Versatile

.NET Core can be used across a wide variety of operating systems easily and allow for true interoperability. You can even build mobile apps that run on Android and iOS with the .NET Core framework.



The recent version of .NET Core is much faster than the server-side frameworks like Java Servlet and Node.Js. It allows the developers to work smoothly for application development of any size.



Since it’s lightweight to use, .NET Core can be installed in the application and also used side by side on a server. It can also be deployed in Docker containers that further helps to work with multiple standards.


Extensive Support

.NET Core framework can be used with the .NET framework, Xamarin, and Mono. You can also use this with the popular libraries and other frameworks like Angular, JavaScript and React.


Dependency Injection

The built-in dependency injection in the ASP.NET Core framework allows accessing the configured services through an app. .NET developers popularly use this to log service components.

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When Choosing .NET Core Development Is the Best?

At Aegis Infoways, we have worked with startups, SMBs as well as enterprises to develop applications with .NET Core. Between .NET Core and .NET framework, there are a few differences in the use cases depending on your scope of application development. We recommend choosing .NET Core development during the following situations:

When You Need a Cross-Platform Application

Since the .NET framework doesn’t offer cross-platform support, it’s best to go with .NET Core if you’re planning to run your applications on iOS and Linux.

When You Expect a Lively Open-Source Community

As an open-source framework managed by Microsoft, .NET Core evolves quickly based on the changing development needs.

When You Require Microservices

Different platforms like Azure Service Fabric, Azure App Service and many others support .NET Core, thereby allowing to host and work with many micro services and work with Java, Ruby, or other monolithic technologies.

When You Need to Deploy Containers

Though .NET framework can be used on Windows containers, the .NET Core framework is much lighter and can occupy less space. It can be hosted on cloud architecture, or a Windows or Linux architecture.

When You Cannot Compromise on Smooth Performance

When you are using so many microservices with the .NET Core framework, the efficiency of the operations matter a lot. .NET Core can handle multiple service requirements and function without any lag in the performance and allow high scalability too.

We have developed applications with .NET Core in various industries like Banking, Retail, Purchasing, Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Telecom. If you want your application to offer rich user experience with all of these features, then contact us now.

How Can We Help You with ASP.NET Core Development?

Ever since the brand-new .NET Core framework was released four years back, we have been working on the platform. We don’t stop ourselves with the development of applications. We extend our services to help you run and maintain the application with .NET Core to its maximum. Here are some of the ASP.NET Core services we offer.


.NET Core Application Development

We have developed platform-agnostic mobile apps, cloud-based apps and Java-based content management tools with .NET Core. We have expertise in creating simple apps focussed on a specific service to a multi-service application.


Legacy Migration

We have a Center of Excellence to replace the legacy systems with cloud architecture. So if you want to transform and update to a modern cloud environment with .NET Core framework, we can help you with that.


QA & Testing

The best applications are built through extensive testing. We have an experienced team of testers who will comb through the application and run multiple automated and manual testing to refine the app before the release.


.NET Core App Maintenance

We offer preventive and proactive maintenance and support to ensure that your application is healthy and updated to meet the current industry demands and software changes.


Our Expertise in .NET Core Development

When it comes to .NET Core development, our developers are the best. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced .NET Core developers who have worked on numerous projects for top companies. We possess a strong grip of the domain of .NET Core and have quite a lot of experience in working with multiple programming languages and frameworks that support us to deliver the best-performing application.

  • Minimize the development costs of our clients by up to 60% with cost-effective outsourcing services for ASP.NET Core development.
  • Experience in contributing to several open-source technologies.
  • Work with the best practices of DevOps and Agile for faster and efficient development.
  • Expertise in modernization, framework customization, legacy migration, QA, reengineering, and performance tuning.
  • Skilled at working with .NET, .NET Core, SQL, C#, XML, JSON and RESTful API.
  • Offer cloud migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM, Google Cloud.
  • Deliver Business Intelligence through Power BI, Google Analytics, SAP Cloud, along with AI-driven solutions.

If you want to get a more information about our .Net Core Application Development Services, you can send us a quick message.