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When your web application demands sophisticated features with excellent readability, AngularJS can help to create vibrant frontend. AngularJs is one of the fastest and scalable frontend development frameworks that has fixed the issues of the JavaScript application.

Not many organizations have specialized AngularJS developers as a part of their in-house team. Instead of spending a lot of money on hiring full-time AngularJS developers, not to mention a lot of supported resources, they hire experienced AngularJS developers on a project basis. You can do so too!

Hire the best AngularJS developers in India from Aegis Infoways. Our AngularJS developers from India are the best in the industry and are capable of coming up with innovative and simplified solutions.

Dedicated AngularJS Resources From$12 an Hour


We provide AngularJS development services for both mobile and web applications with quick delivery. We create dynamic views of HTML without any lag in its performance and build unique web solutions. Our AngularJs web developers are known to construct feature-rich HTML5-based applications that are user-friendly and boasts of steady performance. We decrease the load time, gives attention to the key metrics and make the application simplified and easy to maintain.

Hire AngularJs Developers for Cutting-Edge Applications

Our AngularJS developers from India focus on simplifying the complex core structure of the language to maximize the impact. The attractive interface developed by our AngularJS developers has helped many companies to increase their conversions and secure the top position in the market. Our AngularJS developers are highly skilled at developing IT solutions that benefit the stakeholders as well as the end customers. This is how our developers create highly functional AngularJS applications:

  • Declare rules without the need for JavaScript using form validation
  • Use third-party libraries and handle the asynchronous return of data
  • Combining deep linking with app behaviour to bookmark within the application
  • Define how your application is wired with dependency injection
  • Run the scenarios from scratch till completion and eliminate errors
  • Expertise in CSS precompilers like SaSS and LESS, AJAX, solution stacks and server-side technologies
  • Combination with an iconic framework to create mobile apps
  • Speed development by using Model-View-Controller pattern
  • Reuse existing HTML components
  • Create developed web templates by supplementing the HTML vocabulary

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AngularJS Development Services

Our AngularJS developers at Aegis Infoways India create unique and dynamic web applications by using HTML as the template language regardless of the application size. When AngularJS is becoming the future of web development, we provide a holistic service to keep your web and mobile application up and running.

Custom AngularJS Web Development

Hire our AngularJS developers to develop your next web application quickly and gain a competitive advantage.

AngularJS Mobile Development

Resolve challenges and create mobile-friendly applications that work seamlessly across all devices.

AngularJS Plug-In Development

Create plug-ins that make your website a better place for user experience.

Shopping Cart Development

Customize the shopping cart in the way you want and let your customers experience effortless order placements.

Social and Interactive Apps

Build the best social networking website for desktop and mobile applications that excels.

Enterprise App Development

Develop top-level web applications that bring your employees on the same platform and improves productivity.

Augmenting Brands with Advanced AngularJS Solutions

We come up with innovative ideas to create the most relevant application with features that guides users through your services. We have worked with several brands, startups and SMEs in developing the required applications that complement their business purpose.

Our AngularJS developers are masters in developing AngularJS solutions that solve your complex problems in the simplest ways. As they are proficient in the associated systems, frameworks and platforms of AngularJS, they can provide a ready-to-market product that defines your business purpose in its truest sense.

  • We deploy the agile way of development by taking an incremental approach to the product cycle. Driving continuous development, testing and deployment, you can expect super quick applications delivered to you, thereby shortening your time to market by a huge percentage.
  • We create real-time data applications with AngularJS by leveraging the data tools and widgets that let you chart and analyze the situation in real time.
  • We only follow the world-class best practices adopted by the top AngularJS developers of the world. This quality of ours helps us to provide the best customer experience and create secure applications.
  • Our experienced and skilled AngularJS web developers are driven by the need to excel at every project they take. They love challenges and if you have unique or complex ideas, hire our AngularJS developers to give shape and structure to your solution.
  • Our AngularJS developers from India are highly flexible. No matter what time zone you are in, our developers too work in the same time zone for better coordination. We have handled many global companies in realizing solutions through AngularJS applications that uplifts their company presence on the world market.
  • We create an admin dashboard from where you can track the business solutions, including real-time data and take on-time decisions.

Do you want to gain access to such skilled AngularJS developers at affordable rates? Write to us at [email protected] to hire our AngularJS developers for your application development.

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