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Are you poised for a business transformation? Welcome to Aegis Infoways – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Company, your partner in redefining the customer journey and unlocking a treasure trove of opportunities. From sparking initial interest to fostering lifelong relationships, we are dedicated to crafting extraordinary experiences. Accelerate your CRM journey with cutting-edge delivery facilitated by innovative accelerators, providing prompt and impactful results. Dive into versatile channel solutions, capitalizing on diverse customer information for enhanced engagement.


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services

India’s tech boom propels CRM software demand. Current customer base of Microsoft Dynamics CRM: 29,351, constituting a market share of 4.55% and ranked 4th in the ranking. Statista reports CRM project revenue in India is expected to reach the US$1.03bn market in 2023, with a robust 16.81% annual growth projection till 2028.

Aegis Infoways Aligns with Transformative Trends

AI & IoT Integration

Cloud Dominance

Surging migration to cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions for scalability.

AI & IoT Integration

AI & IoT Integration

Spearheading AI and IoT capabilities infusion for advanced analytics.

AI & IoT Integration

Tailored Solutions

Addressing industry-specific needs with Dynamics applications like Finance & Operations.

Microsoft CRM Development Services

Why should you opt for Microsoft CRM Development Services?

Discover the unparalleled advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, tailored to revolutionize your business landscape.

Microsoft 365 Integration

Microsoft 365 Integration

Seamlessly enhance productivity and collaboration by integrating with Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 Integration

Global Market Expansion

Address the needs of emerging markets with solutions designed for evolving business landscapes.

Microsoft 365 Integration

CRM Application Expansion

Explore new horizons with the expanding suite of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM applications.

Microsoft 365 Integration

Scalable Cloud Accessibility

Leverage the scalability and accessibility of cloud-based Dynamics 365 services for streamlined operations.

AI And IoT Integration

AI And IoT Integration

Stay ahead by meeting the rising demand for AI and IoT capabilities in cutting-edge business software.

AI And IoT Integration

Industry-Tailored Solutions

Tackle unique business challenges with our industry-specific Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development solutions.

AI And IoT Integration

Widespread Adoption

Join the ever-growing community benefiting from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services.

AI And IoT Integration

Powerful Innovations

Experience continuous innovation with Microsoft Dynamics power platforms.

Tailored Microsoft CRM Development Services

Experience the forefront of technological innovation with us.

Unleash unparalleled IT expertise with us with the expert Microsoft CRM Development Services. Our rich industry portfolio promises end-to-end solutions that drive sales and revenue, making success not just a goal but a tangible reality.

Dynamics CRM Consulting

Dynamics CRM Consulting

Defining, refining, and executing CRM processes and strategies.

MS CRM Installation & Up Gradation

MS CRM Installation & Up Gradation

An optimized CRM environment is achieved through seamless installation and smooth upgrades.

MS CRM Customization

MS CRM Customization

Crafting workflows that enhance business processes for efficiency.

Dynamics CRM Implementations

Dynamics CRM Implementations

Expertly designed and executed implementations for a robust foundation.

Integrations with Other Systems and Applications

Integrations with Other Systems and Applications

Building custom plugins for supercharged CRM capabilities.

Dynamics CRM Support, Training, User Adoption

Dynamics CRM Support, Training, User Adoption

A successful CRM journey requires comprehensive support, training, and user adoption strategies.

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MS Dynamics CRM Development Company

Our Distinctive Edge

Aegis Infoways, your premier Microsoft partner, excels in MS Dynamics CRM development, leveraging a cadre of certified professionals for agile solutions and seamless support. Our global footprint bridges gaps and explores future business horizons, ensuring your CRM strategy evolves effortlessly.

Dynamics CRM Development Company

Our Engagement Models


Fixed Price Model Tailored for small to medium-sized Dynamics 365 CRM development projects.


SLA Model Ideal for iterative and process-driven development, ensuring transparency.


Time and Material Model Designed for projects with dynamic and evolving requirements.


Team Model Curate a specialized team with the finest talent to meet your unique needs.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development Company

At Aegis Infoways – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development Company, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled customer experiences, offering round-the-clock support, and optimizing costs through our onsite-offshore delivery model for global efficiency and excellence.

Why Choose Aegis Infoways?

Decades of Expertise

Decades of Expertise

Our seasoned team of over 15 dynamics CRM consultants has a rich history that spans many years. Our extensive experience allows us to navigate the complexities of global corporate requirements, providing tailor-made solutions and customizations.

Global Solutions Hub

Global Solutions Hub

As a recognized global competence center for Dynamics CRM, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge solutions. Our commitment to continuous internal training ensures that our consultants stay at the forefront of Microsoft Dynamics CRM advancements.

Timely and Skilful Deliveries

Timely and Skilful Deliveries

We prioritize on-time delivery, boasting a skilled team of both technical and functional consultants. This ensures that your projects are not only delivered promptly but also with precision and excellence.

Process and Data Management Experts

Process and Data Management Experts

With expertise in process and data management, we excel in deploying and maintaining dynamic CRM systems. Our proficiency extends to designing forms and workflows that align seamlessly with your unique business processes.

Dynamics Apps Mastery

Dynamics Apps Mastery

Our specialization in dynamics Apps sets us apart. We offer comprehensive solutions for all CRM versions, including MS Dynamics CRM online. From deployment to maintenance and web server management, we cover it all.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Effortless incorporation with various management applications and portals is our forte. We ensure that your dynamics CRM integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, providing a unified and streamlined experience.

On-Demand Expertise

On-Demand Expertise

In need of top-tier CRM consultants? Look no further. Our “Hire on Demand” service allows you to access the finest CRM consultants precisely when you need them. Your requirements and our expertise are a perfect match.

Responsive Support

Responsive Support

Be prepared for prompt responses and adaptable onsite/offsite services for software development and consulting. Our dedicated team is always ready to address your needs promptly and efficiently.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development Solutions

Discover our capabilities

Our exclusive team of Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultants serves as a strategic asset for unlocking the full potential of this robust platform. Whether it’s mastering data intricacies, reinforcing security, or executing seamless migrations, our consultants are experts.

Workflows & Plugins

  • Develop out-of-box or custom Workflow and Plugins using C#.
  • Reduce workload and improve system reliability with custom code for Microsoft CRM.

CRM Customization

  • Provide simple and basic customizations for Entity, Form, Fields, Business Rules, and Views.
  • Offer user-friendly Dynamics CRM Development Solutions with custom entities and fields tailored to needs.

HTML/JS Web Resource

  • Develop custom HTML UI inside records using specialized HTML and JavaScript libraries.
  • Create a unique CRM interface for improved user-friendliness.

Security Roles

  • Offer expert guidance on Microsoft D365 User Security.
  • Ensure enhanced data security, user hierarchy, and access control by creating/editing Security roles to provide necessary access.

Data Migration

  • Provide solutions for upgrading CRM instances from old to new.
  • Ensure seamless data migration and version upgrades while managing data loss and obsolete customizations.

Azure Integration

  • Integrate Dynamics 365 with Azure.
  • Execute large data processes, integrate with other systems, and move functions, APIs, and configurations to Azure for separate data storage and processing through Azure.

Power Apps

  • Expertise in Model Driven apps.
  • Compact and user-friendly applications.
  • Efficiently automate business processes.
  • Enhance automation and data accuracy with Power Automate Flow.


What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution that helps businesses manage customer interactions, sales processes, marketing campaigns, and customer service operations.

It provides a centralized platform to store and analyze customer data, automate workflows, and gain insights for better decision-making. With its integration capabilities, Dynamics 365 CRM seamlessly connects with other Microsoft products and third-party applications, enabling businesses to streamline processes, increase productivity, and deliver exceptional customer experiences across multiple touchpoints.

What is the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft’s latest customer relationship management offering is Dynamics 365 CE, a cloud-based platform that provides applications focused on sales, marketing, and customer service functionalities.

This comprehensive CRM solution is available in various editions to cater to diverse business needs, including the feature-rich Sales Enterprise version and the more streamlined Sales Professional edition. With its cloud-based architecture and tailored applications, Dynamics 365 CRM empowers organizations to effectively manage customer interactions, nurture leads, drive sales, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

How experienced are the Dynamics CRM consultants at Aegis Infoways?

Aegis Infoways consultants have extensive experience in implementing, customizing, and managing Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions across various industries.
Our consultants hold relevant certifications and undergo continuous training to stay abreast of the latest Dynamics CRM features, best practices, and industry trends. With this expertise, they can integrate and tailor CRM solutions to align with a client’s unique business needs.

Why Dynamics 365 CRM?

Dynamics 365 CRM emerges as a popular choice for businesses due to its ability to provide a unified customer view, enabling personalized engagement.

  • It seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft products like Office 365, fostering team collaboration and information sharing.
  • Highly scalable, it can grow with your business by adding apps as needed. Leveraging AI capabilities, it guides decisions, automates processes, and predicts outcomes, boosting efficiency and productivity.
  • Dynamics 365 CRM is highly customizable, allowing the creation of custom workflows, dashboards, and reports tailored to unique business requirements.
  • As a cloud-based solution, it offers flexibility, allowing access from anywhere, anytime.

How does Aegis Infoways ensure the successful implementation of Dynamics CRM?

Aegis Infoways adopts a comprehensive approach to ensure successful Dynamics CRM implementation.

  • We meticulously plan by engaging with business owners and subject matter experts to understand processes.
  • Proper team structure with skilled developers and effective leadership steers the implementation.
  • Clear communication channels involve IT departments in decision-making.
  • Timeline monitoring ensures timely project delivery.
  • We leverage cloud-based Dynamics 365 for scalability and accessibility.
  • Meeting modern demands, they integrate AI and IoT capabilities.
  • Furthermore, Aegis Infoways tailor solutions to address unique industry challenges, delivering customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM development solutions.

What are the security measures Aegis Infoways takes with Dynamics CRM deployments?

Aegis Infoways prioritizes robust data governance to ensure the security of Dynamics CRM deployments.

  • We implement comprehensive data governance frameworks to maintain seamless data availability, integration, security, and proper usage.
  • Additionally, we evaluate and enhance existing data governance standards by optimizing data management for reliable and efficient operations.

Aegis Infoways emphasizes the importance of careful planning, clear communication, and a dedicated team for secure CRM implementation.

What is the purpose of Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to support the sales, marketing, and service functions of businesses. Here are some of its main purposes:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Service Management
  • Integration

How does Aegis Infoways handle data migration to Dynamics CRM?

Aegis Infoways utilizes a powerful data migration tool, Scribe Insight, to seamlessly transfer data to Dynamics CRM. Their meticulous process starts with registering, downloading, and setting up the trial version. Then we follow the below steps in data migration to Dynamics CRM.

  • Install software to enable communication between Scribe Insight and Dynamics CRM.
  • Select Dynamics 365 Services and CRM as the source for data migration.
  • Carefully plan the steps for the desired task, like deleting account records.
  • Decide whether to process data in bulk or based on specific conditions.
  • Mapping account details from source to destination is crucial to executing the migration job.
  • closely monitor the process for any issues, ensuring smooth data transfer.

How much does Dynamics 365 CRM cost?

Dynamics 365 CRM offers flexible pricing options tailored to your business needs. You can opt for pay-as-you-go plans, allowing you to purchase only the required features. This approach enables you to start small with a free trial and gradually expand your capabilities as your usage increases over time.

The cost varies based on the specific applications and plans you choose, giving you the freedom to customize your CRM solution to fit your budget and requirements.

How does Aegis Infoways optimize Dynamics CRM for mobile users?

The ways by which Aegis Infoways optimizes dynamics CRM for Mobile users are as follows:

  • Responsive design implementation
  • Prioritization of essential features
  • Streamlined navigation menus
  • Compact, intuitive form design
  • Offline mode enablement
  • Native mobile app development
  • Push notification integration
  • Touch input optimization
  • Cross-device testing and compatibility


Beatrix Solutions Ltd


I have worked with Aegis since 2009 and have found them to be honest, reliable, hardworking and conscientious.

As a boutique software consultancy we compete on our ability to be agile and in being able to offer rapid turnaround to our clients. Aegis has proven to be the perfect partner for us as they have continually provided us with a strong level of expertise and enthusiasm without the bloated overhead of unnecessary bureaucracy or worry.

~ Paul Agbetile

Doomos Real Estate S.L.


It was a pleasure to hire Aegis software for creating one of our projects. Experts from Aegis have worked on Microsoft .Net technology following some great frameworks and have put in lot of hard work and dedication that resulted in project success.

Juan Diego Avendano Ortiz


We did Hire 2X full time Java Developers from Aegis Software on a regime of outsourcing, to help us improve time to market of our product.

The software platform is based on Java & Sencha Touch Platform, and they are delivering the software on time and with success. Happy with our team.

Filipe Campos


Perugia, Italy

We were searching the best offshore java development team to work on our project and discovered a reliable partner- Aegis Software. We have hired 2 full-time java developers from Aegis and are satisfied and happy with their services and support. You can truly reply on Aegis java development team to avail java solutions at feasible rates. The team is offering standard support and best innovative solutions and making excellence in deliveries. We highly recommend Aegis and its Java development team for every intricate java solution.

PointRF R&D Ltd.


As a manager responsible for development outsourcing in PointRF I wish to express my appreciation and thanks.

Aegis software has been an efficient and reliable source for Java Development services for our company. The team has been able to meet a broad range of our requirements pertaining to our healthcare project, while the company has remained flexible, cost efficient and most importantly lightning fast. Aegis is absolutely a trusted partner for us. Keep up the good work team! ”

I am sure we will utilize Aegis’ expertise in our future activities.

Adi Tadmor