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ETL Data Warehousing Services

The volume of data businesses are accumulating and processing is regularly increasing. You need a proper system to store these data making it easier to access them whenever you want. Customized ETL Data Warehousing Solutions ensure that you don’t have to struggle with data management anymore.

Extract-Transform-Load process conditions the data from the source as it gets transferred to the data warehouses on the way to get used by the BI tools. An ETL process is essential for any data operation to ensure consistent and reliable data that gets sent for analysis.

At Aegis Infoways, our ETL experts will set up the complete step-by-step process you need to gather and access data. We help companies to implement Business Intelligence solutions along with ETL data warehousing that improves the business performance above the benchmark.

The Three-Step Process of ETL Data Warehousing


The very first step of any ETL services is extraction. We create processes that extract the data from different sources. It can use any particular data format to consolidate the collected data, be it homogenous or heterogenous. We use the parallel processing of data that splits one big volume of data into smaller datasets that speed up the extraction.


The transformation of the data is a crucial step that conditions the data to become useable. In this step, the extracted data is manipulated based on the end needs that make it easier to group them. During the analysis process, you need a certain group of data that falls under a particular category. This transformation process is essential to choose and sort these data before it gets loaded for data analysis.

As a part of the transformation, we create algorithms for these following actions:

  • Selection of only a particular category of data based on the needs.
  • Merging data from multiple sources.
  • Sorting the data into different categories.
  • Aggregation of various values of data that are generally used for getting a summary.
  • Transforming the source data values or parameters into a single, unanimous data form.
  • Disaggregation of the source data and moving them into separate categories.
  • Validate the data to ensure data accuracy. When the validation fails, the data can be rejected.


The loading phase is the final one in the ETL phase, where the data gets into the data warehouse. We can program the data warehouse to perform a set of actions like rewriting the old data with the new data from the loading phase based on the time.

We also support bulk loading of data, real-time data synchronization and batch updations during the loading phase.

This is the typical ETL cycle, although, practically, there are a lot more steps involved. We build the reference data before the extraction phase. We also audit the ETL pipeline after the loading phase to ensure it meets the business specifications.

Enhance Data Quality with Our End-to-End Managed ETL Services

ETL process makes data handling so much easier. We all know what the future holds - a high and ever-increasing volume of data. When the data volumes pose a complication, the ETL data warehousing makes it simple. With the data processed, you don’t have to worry about data inaccuracies or lag in obtaining the insights.

At Aegis Infoways, we focus specifically on the value the ETL solution adds to data management. We uncomplicate the process and deliver so many benefits to organizations.

  • Without any clean or cohesive data, analysis is nowhere near possible. Our ETL process is customized to filter and sort every dataset that comes into the system.
  • You don’t have to wait for the data to get prepped anymore. We distribute the data across different nodes, which quickens the pace of the ETL pipeline.
  • We can process any type of data - structured, unstructured, legacy or modern.
  • We integrate the ETL data warehousing process with BI tools and integrations that improves efficiency.
  • We setup ELT processes that can handle XML structures, SOAP and REST web services, CRM applications, ERP applications and other databases.
  • We also integrate the data warehouses with tools like Power BI and Tableau to help in visualizing the data stored.
  • Quality assurance is one big concern for many. We set up automated systems that probe every data that comes through the ETL pipeline. Therefore, you will only get the validated data for analysis.
  • You can save time, money and energy in all facets of the data process, be it analysis or management. Since the ETL process is automated, you can save so much time and make use of the flexibility and speed to run the operations.

Advanced ETL Solutions to Speed Up Your Data Process

Supported by our out-of-the-box ideas, we make it possible to create and integrate ETL solutions. If you have an existing ETL pipeline that isn’t performing to your expectations, then our ETL experts can straighten the issues and increase the performance. Our managed ETL services include regular support maintenance, both of which are essential to keep the system performing to its best.

We also integrate with the cloud services of Amazon, Google and Microsoft to facilitate quick data transfer. We create streamlined ETL pipelines with built-in features for fast data operations like downloads, uploads, access and execution.

Our ETL Data Warehousing Solutions and Managed ETL Services optimize your performance and with the parallel processing engine for all types of data formats. If you want to create a new ETL pipeline from the beginning or need any help to optimize your existing one, please write to

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