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IoT Consulting Services

The Internet Of Things (IoT) has transformed the way companies conduct business. As connected devices become ubiquitous, organizations can collect and process data at unprecedented speeds. And with improvements in machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analytics, companies can mine that data and find ways to enhance their processes.

IoT applications cover a broad range of possibilities and applications. However, the common theme to these applications is their ability to provide real-time information, the ability to convert this information into actionable intelligence and the ability to embed this information into business processes.

You can rely on our IoT consulting services for everything from building platforms to improve operational efficiency and providing a safer work environment to connecting consumers' appliances.

Connect with our team of IT consultants to find out how IoT can help your business.

Connected IoT Solutions for a Smarter Future

As the name implies, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects connected by electronics, software, sensors, and networking to collect and process data.

IoT is distinct from the more general concept of distributed computing, in which many nodes (computers) work together to accomplish a task. The IoT adds an additional layer of interconnectivity among devices.

The IoT enables a wide variety of new devices, services, and business models and can impact almost every industry. For example, within the energy sector, the IoT has the potential to improve energy efficiency and in the transport industry, it enhances security through connected sensors.

We offer enterprise IoT services for businesses to automate your processes and maximize your business efficiency. We work with businesses to provide innovative IoT solutions that help them generate higher revenues and reduce costs in business processes. Our IoT solutions can improve business processes by reducing operating costs and automating business processes.

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Our IoT Consulting Services Across Industries

As the Internet of Things expands, the boundaries between the physical, digital, and biological worlds are blurring. IoT is creating an environment where computing is no longer bound to a single device.

IoT-based systems have shown a distinct transformation in improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit for producers and consumers. Here are some applications of our enterprise IoT services across various industries.

  • In manufacturing, smart machines can collect data from sensors and provide real-time data on machinery performance. This data can be used to more efficiently manage and control processes and meet changing customer demands.
  • In healthcare, IoT applications can help doctors monitor their patients’ health remotely by transmitting data from patient wearables or medical devices. These sensors can help physicians make better, faster diagnoses, improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.
  • We can develop apps that give real-time feedback on heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels.
  • In warehouses, we can program the robots to perform repetitive tasks — like picking products — so employees can focus on more complex or strategic tasks.
  • Connected appliances, like refrigerators and washers, can gather data from sensors throughout the products. This information can be analyzed and used to optimize performance.
  • Connected industrial robots can be programmed with safety parameters that prevent them from operating in areas where human workers are present.
  • We can build apps that interact with your environment and even your exercise routine, such as counting calories burned or steps walked or run.

Our Enterprise IoT Services

Enterprises today have millions of devices connected to their networks, and that number is only set to grow. Despite this, many IoT devices are connected to legacy systems, which complicates their management and security.

This is where the IoT is opening up new opportunities for enterprises, from collecting and analyzing real-time data to streamlining manufacturing processes. We offer a comprehensive list of enterprise IoT services aimed to solve every one of your tech challenges.


IoT Strategy

We help companies develop a comprehensive IoT strategy, including business drivers, use cases, technology requirements, and standard approaches.


IoT Consulting Services

We help companies evaluate different IoT platforms — including cloud, mobile, and edge — and choose the technologies and tools that best suit their business needs.


IoT Implementation

We help companies set up and manage IoT platforms, connect devices to IoT platforms, and integrate IoT platforms with other business systems.


Data Processing & Retrieval

We set up systems to collect the data from various hardware sources, process them and prepare them for analysis or send it to a receiver.


Wearable Sensors

We build wearable sensors that track essential health and instrument data in real-time for making quick amendments based on any discrepancies.


IoT Integration

We extend the capabilities of hardware and software by creating interfaces between existing Internet infrastructure, such as sensors and actuators, and user applications.

Securing IoT Operations All the Way

Numerous industries rely on IoT and embedded devices to meet operational challenges, improve efficiency, maximize personal productivity and better connect with their customers. However, the complexity and cost of establishing a security baseline for these devices halt many organizations from reaping the benefits of IoT adoption.

With a wide range of devices, operating systems, connectivity options, and communication protocols, how should companies go about securing their IoT deployments?

At Aegis Infoways, we see the IoT data security challenge as an opportunity and leverage our experience and expertise to develop custom IoT solutions with security baked in from the ground up.

  • Understand Your IoT Devices: Before implementing a security solution, we understand their IoT devices. This includes understanding the device’s purpose, the type of data it collects, and how it interfaces with other devices.
  • Minimize Communication - Many IoT devices communicate with other devices over local Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth, or other means of wireless transmission. We minimize the use of these communications but should still ensure device security is vital.
  • Secure Data Storage - IoT devices collect and store data, so we use secure systems for data storage and transmission.
  • Choose Strong Authentication - We create various authentication methods to ensure only authorized devices can connect to the network.
  • Implement Strong Key Management - IoT devices often rely on keys and certificates to authenticate and encrypt data. We deploy strong key-management practices to ensure only authorized devices can communicate over networks.
  • Implement Robust Monitoring - We implement monitoring and governance processes to ensure their IoT security solution works properly and doesn’t compromise business operations.

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