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Microservices Development Services

Stay ahead of the competition with our professional microservices development services.

Our API and microservices solutions will simplify the deployment with quicker iterations and shorten the time to market. We counter the issue of complex application development by splitting it up into microservices. This way, you don’t have to deal with the application as a whole; just the individual components broken down as microservices.

Microservices API management

Microservices monitoring and security services.

Microservices Testing Strategies

Enhance the stability and performance of your applications.

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Why Problems Do API & Microservices Solve?

Usually, the traditional application development starts in one big monolithic block. But as you grow and add functionalities, managing this single block becomes a huge challenge. This is when using microservices helps.

Before discussing the benefits of using microservices and API, let’s first understand the difference between both. Microservice is the architectural design that is used to distinguish portions of the application into small blocks. On the other hand, API helps to interact with the code within the microservice. With that clarity, let’s look at the various challenges that you can encounter without API and microservices:

  • Restriction of the usage of various technology stacks.
  • Redeployment of the entire application even when one code is modified.
  • Understanding the complete architecture as a whole before.
  • Additional time taken every time the monolithic block is redeployed.

Instead of such challenges, you can use microservices and API to split the various functionalities from the monolithic block into multiple small bits.

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How Does Microservices & API Improve the Application?

Did you know that the top global companies like Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Etsy and many others found a massive reduction in application management costs after moving to microservices from a monolithic structure? There are a lot more benefits with application development and management with microservices.

Reduced Complexity

When we break out the sections of a code into microservices, you can reduce the complexity in dealing with the modifications and updates. You can easily understand how different functionalities and sections of microservices work with each other.

Easy Task Assignments

As much as we don’t admit it, we need the development teams to work with the highest level of clarity. With microservices, it becomes easier for the teams to take ownership of individual microservices and collaborate to form interactions between them.

Focussed Deployment

You can deploy different microservices at different times whenever you need without depending on the whole application. This saves a lot of time for teams to work individually with API and deploy codes as and when they’re done.

Use Various Tech Stacks

When you use a single block of code for the entire application, you’re restricted to only a particular tech stack. But with microservices, you’re free to choose different tech stacks as you need.

Migration Becomes Easy

If you’re considering migrating to another language, you don’t have to go through the hassles of rewriting the entire code in the new language. You can just rewrite one microservice, check if it works well in the new language and then redo the rest.

Manageable Maintenance

An application can have many microservices, each having its own APIs, to run the application. So, it becomes easier to identify issues, resolve them and conduct operations on the individual microservices much faster.

How Can We Help You with API & Microservices Development?

At Aegis Infoways, we have developers with various tech stacks and more than 10 years of experience working on complex projects for various industries. Our developers have helped businesses evolve their applications from legacy systems to modern architecture, including microservices. We can you with API and microservices development in various ways:

Reengineering of a Legacy System

We functionally decouple the monolithic architecture and retain the core part as the primary microservices without making any changes to them.

API Integration

Our developers help with integrating APIs with your applications at any stage of development and even beyond that.

API Lifecycle Management

Right from the inception of the APIs to implementation, we cater to the rapidly changing business needs.

Developing Microservices Architecture

We build microservices for both new and existing applications by analyzing the application scope complete with the documentation and SDKs.

Web API Development

Web APIs can connect your application with the digital medium and we help to custom build it based on your digital assets and needs.

API & Microservices Security

We use API key generation and protect against hacking attempts with high-level encryption and authentication.

Some Use Cases of API & Microservices

  • Creation of API frameworks for distributed caching.
  • Web API development for product and price comparisons of a single company or between companies.
  • Designing API frameworks for helping customers to raise and manage their disputes and resolutions.
  • Development of a big data pipeline and architecture with various microservices for data ingestion, processing, analysis and visualization.
  • Deliver immediate data analytics with real-time data processing microservice frameworks.
  • Build reusable microservices for product details, payment gateway integrations and other similar functionalities.
  • Reduce the cost of streaming the data after migration from a monolithic structure to microservices.

Why Choose Us?

  • We develop lightweight, standard code for microservices that can be seamlessly fit into your existing platform.
  • We’re quite flexible in the way we develop and operate. Our developers will develop microservices as per your requirements and other third-party integrations.
  • We have a great deal of experience in API integration, development and deployment, which will help to come with smart ideas for your project.
  • We get things done fast with utmost efficiency.
  • We have affordable pricing options to hire our developers.