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Robotic Process Automation

It’s no longer a question of ‘if’ your company needs automation, but ‘when.’

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology is the best way to automate processes, reduce human error and see an improvement in their data accuracy.

The process of RPA can be complex. However, our RPA implementation services provide businesses with a way to easily automate their manual business processes, reduce overhead costs, and save time.

Our Robotic Process Automation solution is ideal for organizations looking to improve efficiency by shifting their focus from manual, repetitive tasks to high-value, business-critical work. We develop intelligent software robots that can perform repetitive tasks and high-volume, rule-based activities, thereby freeing employees to focus more on strategic projects.

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The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool is software that automates manual business processes.

RPAs are designed to automate repetitive tasks using pre-built digital robots, analysts and software. These robots can process the data and provide outcomes such as an invoice, a purchase order, a payment, a delivery note, or any type of document without human input.

At Aegis Infoways, we offer a fully managed service to give your enterprise the flexibility to complete processes quickly and efficiently while saving time and money. From initial concept to fully deployed, our team will work alongside you, offering support and guidance at every stage of your robotic transformation. With our RPA Development Services, you can automate complex work, eliminate mundane tasks, and focus on activities that positively impact your business.


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Robotic Process Automation - The Intelligent Way to Manage Business Operations

RPA can be used across just about every industry to streamline workflows, reduce errors and improve employee productivity. We tailor the automation solutions to address the specific needs of individual sectors, including finance and insurance, government, healthcare and retail.

For example, in the financial sector, RPA tools are used to process complex transactions, such as checking credit reports and approving loan applications. In the healthcare industry, RPA is being used to streamline insurance claim processing, claims adjudication and payment processing. Similarly, there are a lot of applications for using RPA in your businesses and it’ll soon become the best investment you’ve made.

  • The RPA technology is simple to use, and as they run in the cloud, they're available 24/7.
  • They cost a fraction of what full-scale business process automation solutions cost, so they're ideal for smaller businesses that don't have a large budget.
  • You can control the operations remotely, so your team can make all changes and updates.
  • It improves efficiency and decreases your costs.
  • The robots can be designed to perform data tasks that otherwise would require skilled labor in your organization.
  • You can improve the accuracy of your operation by avoiding human errors and overlooks.
  • The robots can respond to prompts from your business systems, perform repetitive tasks, collect data, sort it, validate it, classify it, and output it in your chosen formats.
  • You can scale up or down as much as you want immediately with RPA.

Our RPA Solutions

There are thousands and thousands of ways in which RPA solutions can impact your business. And there is just a small line between a successful RPA implementation and a total miss.

For example, if a process is meant to ensure that all products are in stock, an RPA solution capable of scheduling tasks will be used. However, if the process is instead meant to monitor inventory levels, an RPA solution capable of executing actions based on inventory levels, such as reordering stock, will be more suitable.

Our RPA experts and developers are skilled at identifying and understanding such nuances in your requirements and developing a solution that meets your needs just right.


RPA Consulting

Not quite sure how RPA can be included in your business? Let our RPA consultants paint a picture of how much you can include RPA and make a difference.


Robotic Process Automation Development

We build a brand-new RPA from scratch customized to your business to fulfill all the important touchpoints, improve your productivity and reduce overhead costs.


Data Processing

We design RPAs to do various processing tasks like summing, sorting, transforming, moving, storing and filtering data automatically based on your specific needs.


Task Scheduling

You can use RPA to schedule tasks for your business, send out emails, make payments, create financial reports and a lot more.


Data Validation

We create RPA features for data validation that checks if the data is correct and conforms to required standards and compliances.


RPA Security

We deploy the highest security measures and comply with the global privacy standards to ensure that your RPA is well-protected at all times.

How Do We Implement RPA?

One of the biggest concerns organizations face when considering incorporating RPA into their processes is the risk of disrupting critical, existing workflows.

However, while RPA implementation services typically involve changing the existing work process, this disruption is often minimal and is often outweighed by the benefits of automating manual, time-intensive processes.

To successfully implement RPA, we follow protocols to ease the transition and ensure that you make the most of it.

  • Understand their current business processes
  • Determine how they align with your organization’s goals
  • Determine the changes necessary to optimize those processes
  • Analyze how the employees interact with those processes
  • Understand how your business processes function
  • Find out the areas to improve with RPA technology
  • Discuss and choose the best RPA solution or platform
  • Develop the solution based on the business operations
  • Tailor the model based on the essential processes to make the most impact
  • Train the employees to make use of the new tool to work efficiently