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Best Practices and Tips for Successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

Any business requires CRM and ERP system to keep their management and selling process efficient and smooth, and for that the implementation of Dynamics 365 is crucial.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a world known product which provides a cloud-based platform to companies for various applications like sales, customer services, marketing, and customer relationship management. With the help of dynamic 365, you can implement CRM and ERP product to automate your business resulting in smooth operation and more sales.

Bit of a History of Microsoft Dynamics

At first, these both products (ERP and CRM) were implemented separately on software formerly known as Dynamics CRM (for sales) and Dynamics AX (for ERP integration). But now Microsoft has launched a cloud-based platform known as Dynamics 365 which allows you to add both ERP and CRM products on a single platform.

The all in one Dynamics 365 platform provides various applications such as Marketing, Project Service Automation, Finance and operation, Customer service, Talent and Social Engagement and you can purchase either any one of them separately or all services at once.

In short Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the best solution for you if you are looking for the smooth operation of backend and frontend processes and at the same time digital transformation of the business chain too.

That being said if you have ever implemented CRM or ERP product then you know how frustrating and delicate this task is. Furthermore, it requires the commitment of the company to deliver the results in a given time period.


So if your business is looking for CRM or ERP implementation then here are some of the best practices and tips you should consider for successful Dynamics 365 Implementation.

Plan Carefully

When implementing CRM or ERP product for a client, the first thing that comes in the bucket list is extensive planning. During your planning stage communicate with business owners and involve Subject Matter Experts to understand the business process easily.

As it is essential to understand the business flow and processes you need to carefully plan the required modules and customization in dynamics suite.

Also first try to understand the requirements of all departments and make the developing plans accordingly. After this rigorous planning, you will end up with a clear path and all the necessary requirements which will help you execute your plans quickly.

Proper Team Building and Leading the Project

As you may know, implementing CRM or ERP requires huge developing process and for that, you need to have a proper team of developers and leadership in place. During the developing process, you will have to overcome many hurdles and to make it possible; the team needs a proper leading.

The team should be made up of staff who specializes in identifying inefficiencies, time gaps, and quality related issues. While the team focuses on specific issues, the leader focuses on challenging tasks and deliver the results within the permissible time limit and assigned budget.

This ensures the proper chain of command and helps in resolving any issues. Also, this arrangement makes it easy to solve the tasks at hands which is the first priority of client business.

Clear Line of Communication and Command

This is one of the essential factors when it comes to implementing dynamic 365. The developing company and client, both parties, require a clear line of command as you need to let them know about your requirements and what customizations you need.

At the developing end, you would need a person who can communicate with clients if they have queries related to implementation and let them know about each phase of the development process.

And this same applies to client side too. The client has to have a person who understands various business processes, sales, and marketing. So what happens is clear communication will help you solve any doubts and questions at the starting phase so, at the developing stage, the implementation process will become fast.

Involve IT Department in Every Decision

When any crucial decision has been made like changing the design or adding new tools, you have to involve the IT department. Because most of the complex integration and development is done by the IT department.

Sometimes what happens is partner or client makes such a decision which is nearly impossible to implement in real life application and at the end, the project ends up being rail-roaded.

Another reason for this is when the partner leaves the company you will need to support the integrated product and update it over time.

Also, there are lots of tools have been involved when integrating the product so by engaging the team the required tools will be determined quickly, and they can choose which tools they will be comfortable using.

Keep Close Tabs on Timeline

One of the main problems that arise when implementing Dynamics 365 is that the project isn’t delivered in time, and when that happens, you will face many business-related issues.

To avoid this situation altogether, you need to make an attainable timeline and discuss it with developing company whether they can deliver it or not.

Once the plans are finalized keep close tabs on the timeline and check whether the work is delivered or not. By doing this you will be sure that there won’t be any delays and the product will be implemented within the specified time.

Final Thoughts

So these were some of the important factors everyone should consider when it comes to Implementation of Dynamics 365, but this is not all when outsourcing the development process.

You would need to check the company background, track record, prices and so on when you are going to choose any Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Services.

We at AGIS Software make sure that the work is delivered in time and our experts will be in constant communication to make the process easy and understand your requirements.

So if you are struggling with the Dynamic 365, contact us today to get in touch with our experts to help resolve your issues and automate your business.

Feel free to drop a line at info@aegisinfoways.com and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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